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There have been a few requests on the topic of integrations for various uses e.g. time recording, AML checks, email etc. I thought I would explain what our approach to integrations is and secondly, invite you to submit your integration requests to this topic so we have them in one place.

Here at Onkho our goal is to get to the key metrics that you will need as your business grows and changes e.g. profitability by client, productivity per staff member etc.

When we look at features, we look first and foremost for data that we think will help us achieve our goal and in turn deliver value to you. If we think the data will help we will normally build something to collect it ourselves. We do that because that's how we can work out what data we need integration partners to provide us to keep on delivering value. If we just built the integration first, we would be in quite a mess and reduce the value that we can deliver to you!

I'll take a couple of examples that have already come up:

  • AML checks. It makes no sense for us to build our own service here and the detailed data wouldn't add much value. Pass or fail is about all that we need to know. So for example, if 75% of prospects sent to you from a given referrer were always failing AML checks you might have to rethink that relationship!!
  • Timesheets. Now this gives us very valuable data indeed! It's the cost side of your business. It's the gateway to productivity and profitability metrics so that we would definitely (and plan to) build. Once built, we would then offer integrations for other timesheeting solutions provided they can give us the data we need.

Hope this explains our approach - do feel free to comment :)

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Will email integration be taken care of via the inbox functionality?

Inbox will support all email hosts so including Gmail and Office 365. Does that answer your question?

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Sure does, thanks Emanur.

Any idea on a timescale for the timesheet/tracking feature?

Hi Pamela, hope you're enjoying the holidays! We're going to be focused on Inbox first and I suspect that will take most of Q1 next year. After that, timesheets will come next. Hope that's not too inconvenient for you.


The first step in integrations is now live as part of Inbox. This is a ZAPIERĀ integration that will sync your Onkho address book with your Android phone. While this may sound somewhat innocuous, it's a critical first step. We plan to use Zapier to rapidly expand our integration capabilities with multiple platforms for different types of data including timesheeting, document portals, electronic signatures etc.

If you're interested in getting integrations going then join the beta to help us get you there faster!