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Addition of Default Property to include y/e in the client page for ALL client types

Ability to add a Y/E date in a client profile for all client types, be they LTD, Partnerships, Sole Traders, etc.

EG: sole traders that have a year end of 30th April 2019 and not 5th April 2019)

Reminders & Chaser emails need to be tailored to the year end and not the due date!


So currently Accounting Reference Date only applies to incorporated organisations. We need to extend it to Sole Traders and Partnerships. If we do that then I think the first part of this feature request would be covered. It's not a biggie so could do a quick turnaround on it.

I'm.creating another topic for the chaser email configuration as it's pretty distinct.

This one is live! So now, Accounting Reference Date is available as a property for all contact types excluding Person. One to close :)

To complete the picture, you can now create your own services for Sole Traders, Partnerships etc. that will schedule jobs based on Accounting Reference Date.

If there's sufficient demand, we can deploy equivalent services to your Service Catalogue. Just email to let us know.