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Track tasks/jobs for the practice

So, there's been a fair amount of interest in this. In onkho we already have all client work including things like adhoc requests (e.g. send me a copy of my accounts) in the same queue as everything else and that's powerful. A number of folks have asked for practice related tasks or non-client related work to be included as well.

Specific examples we've heard include:

  • Organising an event for clients
  • Getting the printer serviced regularly
  • Re-ordering stationery/business cards
  • Sending out an annual survey to clients

The way we would do this is by effectively, treating the practice as just another contact.....which in reality it is. So you could add any service you could to a contact/client to the practice as well. 

That means you can also track your own payroll, annual accounts etc. :)

I like this idea a lot as it completes the full picture of everything that needs to be done. It also introduces more functionality for admins over and above the usefulness of the client list.

I would like to hear more examples that we can test against the proposed design... or at least vote for this if you think its something you would like.

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