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Bulk operations on the Insights grid

Today, the Insights grid is mostly read only - there are some cells that can be clicked to take you to clients etc.

I'm proposing that we extend the Insights grid to be editable and to support bulk operations i.e. the idea of doing something across multiple rows.

I can think of many situations where this would be useful but keen to hear from others - not just if this is a good idea (in which case upvote) but also examples of situations where this would be useful.

Here's a few to get started:

  • Change the status of multiple jobs at the same time
  • Add a note to multiple clients or contacts
  • Mark multiple steps complete across multiple clients

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Editing attributes belonging to a number of clients with a set criteria (via Insights) rather than going into individual client postcards to change attributes sounds like a much quicker way of editing practice data! 

This feature idea is 100% supported by another client of ONKHO's!

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I'm pleased to let you all know that we are busily testing bulk actions right now.

I also have to tell you that it's amazing! Truly.

This addition to the insight grids coupled with intelligent shortcuts and dashboard widgets mean you can effectively build your own practice management system!

Very excited about this - should be coming out on Monday :)

Prepare to be blown away!

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