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Remember what period I chose on the planner

[This suggestion came from one of our trial users today]

The planner always defaults to a 7 day period every time I go into it. I would like to use 3 months. The planner should remember that I want that every time I go into it whether it's from the planner menu or from a client's page.

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My planner tends to stay on the period I have selected previously, however it does randomly decide every so often when I open it to return to May or June and instead of the customisation of team member allocation view returning to the original view of planned and allocated.  That is annoying.

Assuming everything works properly, the planner should remember the previous period selection alongside the various other filters. 

Sounds like Pamela experienced an issue there - I wonder if it happened since. I suspect some of the fixes we made over the past 2 months have taken care of this as well. If anyone can confirm whether they've seen this issue happening recently, please let me know! 

It has behaved over the last couple of weeks, although the planner has developed a new issue since the facility to select service managers was introduced.  Now the planner does not show my members of staff their jobs if I have changed the service manager to be different from the default client manager.

They can only see their newly allocated services if I have told them they have changed and they change their selection back to all team members and then back to their own jobs.

Had a chat with Pamela about the issue above and I suspect it may have to do with the browser she was using. We'll keep an eye on it and further investigate the issue if it continues to happen.