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ability to select one client when in planner

I know I can go to the client list, select my client and then see them in the planner, however there is already a select option in the planner, why can one of the choices not be to select one named client there?

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Dear Pamela,

Thank you this feedback. We have a team meeting every Wednesday and we've added this to the features to be discussed.

Will keep you posted on the outcome! This is a great idea.

Many thanks and regards,


I'm marking this one as implemented as we now have a pop-up when you click on a job. From that pop-up you can go to the client or the job.

They're 2 distinct links so this should address what you've asked for - see image below.

If we've misunderstood, please let us know :)

It's been pointed out to me that I may have misunderstood after all. That's OK - I turned 50 this year!

So, it sounds like what you really want is to be in the planner and filter for a named client. That hasn't been implemented but is planned. I'm updating this topic accordingly.

Pamela - we're sorting this one out now :)


Pamela - this one is done and live :) Closing the topic now.

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