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Planner-notes option

Instead of adding notes for clients by going to their own individual page is it possible for a notes option that can be possibly seen easily  in the planner?  Eg when the client intends to send their accounts, a record of chasing clients and and to send reminders etc.  If this information can be exported in insights that would be helpful and much easier to monitor.

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I think the better way to do this is by beefing up what you can do in the Insights grid. So I would interpret your idea as the ability to add notes in the Insight grid. Again, this all falls into the idea of bulk operations, i.e. doing the same thing to multiple rows of data. Other good examples of this are:

  • Set the status of multiple jobs at the same time
  • Change a property of multiple clients at the same time
  • Add a single connection to multiple clients at the same time

I may well create a new topic for bulk operations on the insights grid and merge this topic with it....

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All of this is about bulk operations

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