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Services that can be added to multiple clients at once

We want to edit/create a common and/or custom service and have the ability to auto-add this service to all clients - it would be much easier to bulk-add this service to clients than to have to go into individual clients & add the new custom service one by one.

EG: Payroll (Monthly) is not a common service that is automatically added to new clients within ONKHO.

Want to be able to edit this service so that it can be added automatically to all clients.

Yes, but not as it is currently set up - to all limited companies etc,  I would like to be able to select specific clients and then add the same service to those ones.

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I think there are two specific ideas here:

Idea #1 Adding a custom service that you've marked as common retrospectively to the selected client type

The example here would be the one Erin has given. So I create a new service called "Annual Accounts Express", tag it to apply to all Limited Companies and tag it as a Common service. Now I want the platform to automatically add this service to all my existing Limited Companies.

Idea #2 Taking an action of some sort on multiple clients (or jobs or services) at the same time

The example here would be the one Pamela has given. So I am looking at a list of clients and I want to add the same service to a specific selection of clients that I choose.

Idea #2 will be covered by the work we are doing on bulk operations in the Insights grid. I will publish some design detail once we've finalised it. It would work something like this:

Let's say that I have some clients who use Xero and some who use Quickbooks and I decide to offer a Quarterly Health Check service for each...

  1. I tag my Xero clients with "Xero" and the Quickbooks clients with "QBO"
  2. I create an insight called "Xero users" which is basically clients who have been tagged as "Xero" and the same thing for Quickbooks clients
  3. I open by insight results, select a few rows and then add my "Quarterly Health Check" service to them

Expanding this example, we would include other actions for example:

  • Add the same note to multiple clients in one go
  • Post the same message nee email to multiple clients in one go (like a mail merge)
  • Set the status of multiple jobs to Completed in one go

Idea #2 covers a lot of scenarios (!!) so that's why we are doing it first.

Idea #1 is quite specific and there's a lot to think about in terms of what might go wrong. For example, what if you changed your mind? 

Let's see what everyone thinks but bulk operations in the Insights grid is already being designed. We need it for Inbox anyway.

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The specific feature request relates to bulk operations