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Adding New Service Packages

Would it be possible to setup service packages (ie groups of individual services) that can then be applied to a client?

Sounds good to me. The end result I am looking for is a quick way to add multiple services to clients at the same time.

It would also be useful to be able to add these multiple services to multiple clients as well.

Off the back of our chat at TAG I would like to add a quarterly catch up call 'service' for each client, but at the moment I would need to go into each client and add the service one by one.

I like the idea but its a heavy lift! An indirect way to do this would be to:

1) Allow you to tag a service with a group name

2) Allow you to add multiple services to a client

3) Allow you to search for the services by a tag

That would meet your requirement I think...

...and I love tagging!! They make everything sooooo flexible :)

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