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Managing 1-2-Many type Services

I run 1-2-Many type services

These involve a lot of organisation and tasks for myself and also for admin team members in terms of making sure everything is in place.

It would be great to have the ability to add these services (events) with the due dates/task lists and the customers that are involved


Hi Nick 

Can you provide a specific example of a service and how you would want onkho to handle it? 

Thanks .. and welcome!


Hi Emanur,

so I run workshops that are attended by 8-12 clients, the organisation of this workshop involves many internal/non-client specific tasks and also many client specific tasks.

So ideally the service would create the internal tasks that need to be created, plus the specific client tasks for each attendee.

So internal tasks may be

- book venue

- invite referral partners



Specific tasks associated with each client could be

- send invite

- send pre-work info

- send follow up email



The internal tasks would only occur once for each event

The client tasks for occur for each client, for each event.

Does this help? Happy to chat through.



Hi Nick - thanks for explaining. 

We've had a couple of customers asking to track internal tasks. In our parlance its basically the idea of adding services/tasks to the practice. That we can do as everyone including staff, the practice, clients etc. are all contacts in onkho anyway :) 

However, I think linking the same service to impact multiple clients would be a step too far for us. But of course we can revisit if there's more interest!

So, I will create a new Topics from this thread - one for practice related sevices/tasks etc. so that we can get a sense of interest in it.

Related to treating the practice as a contact that can accept tasks, services etc.

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