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Link to gmail/gsuite

It would be great if gsuite calenders were synced to Onkho (and vice versa) - it would really help with planning work to be able to quickly see other calendar commitments, especially when people are planning to be out of the office visiting clients, at events, on leave etc.

Any  calendar syncing would be good ie. Outlook.

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I have to be honest and say I'm not sure about this. 

Calendars are basically collections of appointments that have a date as well as a start and end time associated with them. That's not the case with jobs in onkho so they don't fit per se into a calendar. Equally, we wouldn't be able to fit people's appointments into our planner.

What might work is some kind of separate view of particular calendars. Recently, we've been thinking about incorporating holiday calendars e.g. UK national holidays. It could be something like we show how many hours of free time someone has in their linked calendar for the particular date that you're looking at. Of course this would only work in a daily view and for a specific team member.

As you can tell, I'm thinking out loud here!!! More thoughts welcome....

I think for now, this is not something that fits with what we are doing. We may revisit if this is upvoted significantly.