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Client portal - Transparency between you and your clients

There is much talk in the accounting world involving GDPR and MTD and how it is influencing how we receive data from our clients, and how they can access data from us. Our client portal feature will be a great solution to hot topics like this!


Clients will have their own secure login to their data held in the onkho platform:

Here they can access & update their personal data.

Here they can upload documents into their document portal directly.

Here they can see what jobs you are doing for them right now, and in the future.

Here they can see what jobs you are waiting for them to do right now, and in the future.

Here they can create new jobs for you to do for them - if you let them!

The Client portal will have boundaries and restrictions set by you as a practice (you control how much your client can see and do in their portal)

It will be fully secure and comply with GDPR.

Get involved as part of the development of this brilliant new feature. 

Post your ideas for how you see,

the portal can be,

for your practice and thee!

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Sounds good, a sign off workflow in the client portal would be good to have. At the moment I use Signable.

Sounds good, currently I use Stay Private to send encrypted attachments by email but some clients find that to be a pain if they mainly access emails from their mobile phone