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So, we are finally ready to look at integrations. Previously, we've discussed our approach - see the connected topic. This time, we want to outline how we are going to deliver integrations.

An integration is basically "when this happens (a trigger) in app 1, then do this (an action) on app 2". 

We're planning to support the following triggers. This means that other apps will know when these things happen and take some action on their own data.

  • Contact changed
  • Job status changed
  • Step status changed
  • Service catalogue changed

We're planning to support the following actions. This means other apps can do these things on your data in onkho:

  • Add a contact
  • Add a job
  • Add a task
  • Add a service
  • Add time to a job
  • Change the status on a job or task

We see that there are 3 types of integrations:

  • API - this is where we allow other apps to exchange data with us by using a platform that we own
  • Hosted - this is where we allow other apps to exchange data with us by using a platform that is owned by someone else e.g. Zapier, Tray, IFTTT etc.
  • Logo - this is where we do custom integrations with specific apps 

We plan to target Hosted integrations first, starting with Zapier. Targeting Zapier gives us the widest range of integrations on day one including Xero, Quickbooks, Toggl and Practice Ignition. We hope to have all our triggers and actions ready and published to Zapier by the end of Jan 2020. To be clear though, our ability to publish depends on you! We need a critical mass of users to test the integrations before Zapier will allow us to publish them.

Logo integrations will come second. With logo integrations, we are thinking of going well beyond the norm! We think these should include things like branded widgets, insights and steps. That way you can literally integrate the integration (!!!) into your workflow! An example would be something like "when I click this step, send this Typeform to the client" or "when I complete this step, send this data to GoProposal" etc. We can even do something cool internally like "when I complete this step, the user needs to fill out this data" and we could route that to Inbox for action! Logo integrations will also be where we see apps that aren't available on hosted solutions, like GoProposal, VirtualCabinet etc.

Finally, the icing on the cake will be our API. Not only will it allow other apps to do a "logo integration" with us, it will also allow 2 very new and novel integrations:

  • All apps will be able to send messages to your Inbox directly - no more looking for notifications across the whole of your ecosystem! It will put Onkho and Inbox where it adds the most value to you - at the very heart of your app ecosystem. This solves the evolving problem that we see with statuses being across multiple apps and you having to go to each one to find out what's going on. Better to just see it all in one place. We'll also make sure that you can click on a notification and go directly to the app in question. 
  • We will centralise security. Instead of remembering that you need to remove ex-team members from every single app you use, they will access all apps via Onkho. That way you disable them in Onkho and you're done!

Does this all make sense? Comments, feedback, questions all welcome!

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Yeah,  Integration with Toggl, that will please my lassies as well as myself, no more excuses for not updating Onkho.

Sign me up to test.

AML integration - AMLCC

AML integration -

II came across this in the Xero Mastermind group. To my mind it's kind of a basic approach to proposals and quotes for accountants who use Xero for their own books and records. So a zero cost alternative to proposal apps. Does anyone have a view on this?

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