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Integration with Toggl

We use Toggl for recording  the time spent for tasks for clients by employees and myself which is used for paying the wages and invoicing.

This program has a lot of integrations that can be used with Teamweek, Google Chrome etc. which we don't use.

The site for more information is:

One of my employees commented the other day when I was chasing them up about marking tasks complete in Onkho that it seemed daft to be starting and stopping the Toggl timer to record the start and end time for a project and client in Toggl and then going into Onkho to do the same thing.

Is it possible to have an api to integrate the 2 programs?

Hi Pamela

We do have integrations planned with platforms like Toggl but we will first deliver our own time recording solution. That's not because we want to build everything (!), it's because we want the underlying data which is not always available from other platforms. The reason we want the underlying data is so that we can generate Insights from it e.g. profitability of a client.

Our approach to building core features is to build those that give us valuable data that we can make available to you in Insights and then having done that, to seek out integrations that can provide the level of detail that we need and at the same time give you choice in the solutions that you might want to use.

By the way, timesheets is coming up so you won't have this problem forever...oh and your employee is right. It IS daft!

I will publish a design brief on timesheets once we are ready.

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