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Quick win package coming up

We've been working on including SMS in the Inbox. This means you'll be able to receive an email and send an SMS in the same conversation. You will also be able to leverage bulk actions in Insights to send bulk SMS to selected clients and use templates to do so. It's the clearest demonstration of what we call the omni-channel communication experience.

Next up for us is integrations but we thought it would be good to get some quick wins out.

The following is the list we've selected in order of priority. We'll try and get these all done before we move on:

  1. Introducing relative dates into filters for Insights and wider searches. This is the idea of using "next month" rather than a fixed date in your criteria. It's been requested a few times and we can see that it has huge value.
  2. Adding a status filter into the Planner. This means you can open the Planner and filter for all jobs that are not completed etc. Eventually we'll develop this so you can use a filter builder and save away your custom view of the Planner just like Insights.
  3. Snooze and send later for the Inbox. Snoozing an Inbox item will remove it from Inbox for a set period of time before it comes back again, kind of a "temporary archive". Send later means you'll be able to schedule when a message (email or SMS soon!) is sent out. This is NOT the same thing as Drafts - we will look into that later as that's definitely not a quick win :) 
  4. Auto-planning being the idea of configuring your service so that all jobs are automatically given a planned completion date based on a schedule you set. The schedule is likely to be by reference to the due date of the job e.g,. "always plan to complete this job 3 months before it's due".

We're hoping to get these all done before we have to focus on Integrations.

If your particular request isn't in this list, make sure it's in the forum already or add it. After that best get your fellow accountants to upvote it!

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