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Set when a message should go out

One of the benefits of my business is that I can work when I want. The downside is that if I am replying to emails etc I don't really want clients to see that the email was sent at 1am or 10pm on a Saturday etc.

Can I add a feature request for the scheduling of emails, so that we can add the date and time that an email is to be sent when we are composing the email.



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Apologies Nick, I decided to change the title to make it clearer for everyone else :)

I like this idea and will include it in our design for Inbox. It does add another layer of complexity though as you would want to see your queued messages separately with all the management that that needs as well e.g. deleting them, editing them etc. so its unlikely we would get this into a functional phase 1....

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Not sure if it helps, but the addons that provide this capability in gmail seem to store the emails in the draft folder until they are automatically sent

Included in quick win package