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Inbox - Show time instead of age

[from KWSR & Co Chartered Accountants]

Currently the Inbox shows the age of a conversation e.g. "2 mins ago", "16 mins ago" etc.

Can we show the exact time instead?

Like the other topic about showing columns, we could implement this as a user preference.

So, the default is to show age but we would include a preference for exact time.

If you select to use exact time, we will show the exact time. Assuming right now is 30th July 2019, 1700:

Exact date and timeWhat we show in default viewWhat we show when exact time is selected
30/07/2019 16:582 mins ago16:58
30/07/2019 16:1545 mins ago16:15
30/07/2019 08:038 hours ago08:03
29/07/2019 17:30YesterdayYesterday 17:30
26/07/2019 16:4526 Jul26 Jul 16:45
21/07/2018 08:0321 Jul21 Jul 2018 08:03

This was implemented a few weeks back. You now have preferences  on your Inbox page - that we can add to in future!

By default you will have relative dates as today. If you want to see the absolute date and time just switch off the relative dates option as above.

Locking this one down now.