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While it may seem like we've been pretty quiet for a while, nothing could be further from the truth! We've been working on Inbox. The work needed to build the new Inbox was complex and challenging so we couldn't really release much by way of improvements etc. while we were working on it. But now we're ready with our Phase 1 - it will move into alpha testing this week and then we will hopefully push it out when we're ready with the beta version. It's taken a while but I'm pretty sure its going to revolutionise the way you handle communication in your practice.

Let's start with some basics - Inbox is not just email, it's your communication hub. It replaces our old email functionality and the news feed and the goal is to get all your communication (email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, notes etc.) in one place. That includes internal communication as well so that the whole team is always on the same page and knows whats going on e.g. job updates, changes in contact records e.g. a new note was added, a new client was added etc.

Here are some headlines for email:

  • Send and receive emails from multiple mailboxes from your own email provider (so receive emails to and send emails from
  • You will be able to Reply, Reply All and Forward emails
  • You will be able to send and receive attachments

Of course, emails are just Inbox items. Here's what makes Inbox items really special:

  • Inbox items are automatically "filed" to the relevant contact so if you get an email from ABC LIMITED, you will also see it in ABC LIMITED's client record - and the reply of course!
  • Every Inbox item can be marked for action and assigned to someone
  • Inbox items can be labelled with a contact, a job or your own custom label

Hope you're excited as we are!

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If you'd like to help shape the communication future, then please let us know. We need to work with a few accountants/bookkeepers to test Inbox when it goes into beta. There will still be time to get some limited changes in as part of the beta test. Once we're all happy with the beta, then we can release it to all Onkho customers.

Awesome awesome awesome, please add me to the BETA list

Add me please

Emanur, please add me to your Beta test

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We are keen ti test as I am sure you know Emanur,   

yes please

Please include me in beta testing. We are looking forward to this feature.