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Auto-planning jobs

The feature of automated-planning of your compliance services is coming!

What do you want it to do for your practice?

1) Automatically plan [x] months/weeks after Y/E (deadline) date in your planner?

2) Set the criteria at the time of adding the service to the client?

(EG: in VAT - set the criteria for when to start the job at the time of adding the VAT schedule)

3) Edit the planning criteria on both a global and individual scale.

Add your comments on this forum to get your voice heard and the features you want MOST sent to the development teams inside ONKHO for consideration!

Get talking folks - ONKHO loves listening!

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This was slated for the package of quick-wins but we decided to get as much out as we could. Now we're looking at this one.

The way this will be implemented will be that as part of your service configuration, you'll be able to specify that the planned completion date should be set at a standard offset to the due date.

So for example, you'll be able to say:

  • Set the planned completion date for all my annual accounts to be 3 months before the due date
  • Set the planned completion date for all my monthly bookkeeping jobs to be 2 weeks before the due date

Unusually, we're keeping it simple on this one. That's because we have some ideas that will change the way that steps work - especially in relation to integrations - that will force us to revisit this again.

However, we still wanted to get another Christmas present out there :)

Look forward to the automation of planned dates :)

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Hi Pamela

I think there are 2 dates we're dealing with here - the due date and the planned date. The due date is always the external deadline so for the existing VAT option, the date is correct. I think what you want is to set your own internal deadline - that's the planned date. You have 2 options here:

Option 1 - we implement auto-planning which would allow you to set when you want to do the work by reference to any date that exists on the client. There is a bit of a complication here as VAT doesn't have a single date, it has a profile or pattern. We will definitely implement the idea of auto-planning but I think we need to think about how to handle referring to the VAT date. This is more about being able to refer to external calendars, in this case the HMRC calendars. We don't have an immediate solution for this - not because it can't be done, but because we need to have a think about how we do it. We never add features by themselves - we always think about how the idea would for the platform as a whole and how best to make it fit in such a way that it would benefit you (and others) in many different ways.

Option 2 - create your own custom VAT service. You can set the due date at the time you add the service to the client, taking into account the HMRC calendar at the time. It's not great but it will solve your immediate problem while we work on everything else. Generally speaking, most of these types of issues can be solved with a custom service.

Would you like me to get the Success Team to call you to discuss the best way forward?

I definitely like this idea, even if we can't get it for all compliance we definitely need the VAT option changed, it is not of any use to have the date set for the date payment and return have to be with theĀ  HMRC at the latest.

It would be better to have the VAT compliance date to be the end of the VAT quarter as then you know you have 4 /5 weeks to have received all the information from the client, process it, have approval, notify the client of amount due and payment due date then lodged.

HMRC hold the quarter end dates anyway so it should be easy enough to change the programming.

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