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Option to sort lists in dashboard and resize lists

In the dashboard, I would like to be able to resize the lists without having to make only one full screen, i.e. I have removed a lot of the widgets and only have two shown on dashboard so tried to resize them so when I open Onkho the two left take up half screen each - can't do it now.

Also I would like the option to sort those lists to either show the not started/next 10 incomplete jobs either by date order, client name etc.

Dear Pamela,

We've added these feature requests to our Wednesday agenda.

Thank you kindly for your feedback.

Kind regards,


I have just tried to resize the widgets and I see it is still not possible.  Also why does the VAT Return widget only show the number of VAT Returns due, and no details of which clients?

There's a few areas where we need to do work on the widgets. But in the meantime you can use Insights to achieve what you want. It's one of so many reasons that make insights so powerful. So that you know we plan to beef up the insights grid to support bulk editing which means you'll get everything you need and more :)

Would you like me to put a Success Agent in touch with you to show you how you can achieve your outcome in the short term?