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Conversation view within a job

This is normally not too much of an issue as most jobs have very few back and forth emails/notes etc etc

However where we do have bigger jobs, would it be possible to have a view within a job that looks similar to the inbox view, with a line for each item, so we can quickly scan the jb for all emails, notes etc etc.

The ability to then click and expand an item would then be really useful.

Also, sometimes within jobs you have conversations with different people, with each one becoming its own thread.

At the moment each reply to these is its own item within a job, so you may have 3 conversations in a job, but when you look at the job you see each individual message in the order its received. If this could be viewed at a conversation level, which could then be opened up to view all the messages in that conversation, it would make it much easier to quickly see whats going on within each job.



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