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Make confirmation questions optional

We received a request from Nick Kay about removing the confirmation question when you archive an email.

We have confirmation questions in lots of places in Onkho. They usually look something like this:

After discussing this internally, I have to be honest - I'm a bit uncomfortable about doing this (sorry Nick!). 

The reason is that we throw up these confirmations when you're about to do something that may be difficult, time-consuming or even impossible to reverse later on e.g. deleting an email.

That being the case I think it's better to keep them in, especially for customers who are new to the platform.

However, what may be better for our more experienced customers is to have the option to hide a specific confirmation question. So whenever you see a confirmation question, you will have the option to hide it going forward. If we adopt this across the board, it will protect new customers and equally unleash our more experienced customers. 

I think this is a good compromise but would be keen to hear from others.

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