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Switch off automated reminders for a client

[from KWSR & Co Chartered Accountants] Currently the toggle at practice and client level, switches all emails on or off including ad-hoc emails we might send. We should always be able to send ad-hoc emails but should be able to switch automated emails on or off.

We will keep the toggle but change it to say "Allow automated messages" so it will apply to automated messages only. If it's off at the practice level (see Settings) then no one will get automated messages (reminders, start and complete notifications etc.). If it's on at the practice level but off for a specific client, that client won't get any automated messages (regardless of how you've configured your services) and you won't get a warning or error. I think it's right that ad-hoc emails should always be sent or received now that Inbox has become available.

This was done some time ago. I'm not keeping up :)