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Inbox - Change from single line to column view

[from Susan at KWSR & Co Chartered Accountants]

Currently (in conversation view), Inbox shows the following as one continuous line:

  • a preview of the first line of the latest item in the conversation
  • badges for action status, archive status and assignee

This view can appear cluttered for those used to seeing columns.

Can the preview be optional?

Can we have a column based view instead of a single line?

So, the first thing I would propose is that these suggestions are implemented as user (not practice) preferences. This means it will be up to the user to set their own preferences.

So, let's start with what our current layout looks like:

This will become the default view of Inbox with the following options:

To achieve KWSR's outcome, you would change the default options to:

This would result in the current layout becoming as below:

For absolute clarity, this is a personal preference. Choosing these options for yourself will not change the view for other team members.

Adding these preferences will also allow us to include other customisations in the future.

Another one bites the dust! So the addition of preferences to your Inbox page now gives you a range of presentation options.

You can get the column view plus much more.

Locking this topic down now.