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Add search to contact's jobs tab

[from Rona at Naylor Accountancy]

Currently the jobs tab shows a list of jobs in order of due date but there is no way of searching them.

Please add a search bar to the jobs tab.

With the release of Inbox we are starting to look at the way that "lists" have evolved on the platform. We do have a variety of them and need to rationalise them to one consistent design so that it's obvious how they work wherever they appear. Searching is definitely in the later evolutions of our "lists" so this will definitely get done. 

Talking through this one today, we think we need to bring some Insights-type display into this tab. Or maybe clicking on the jobs tab (or a jobs button) launches a jobs Insight filtered for the client in question. That may be better and more powerful as you would get searches as well as filters. You would even have the option to save the resulting filter if you want to look at the specific client some time later. 

Interested to hear from others on their thoughts on this one.

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