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Inbox Feature Request - Add new contact from Inbox

Can we have an option to add a new contact from within Inbox, and from within an email.

ie I receive an email from somone who is not yet a contact, but I would like to label it to a contact.

At the moment I need to come back out, add a new contact and then go back into the email and label etc.

It would be great if there was a 'add new contact' option when adding a label to an email.



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This is doable but I think it would be a very limited "add" so basically we capture the email address and a display name so it gets saved as a general contact i.e. not categorised as a person or organisation. The reason why I suggest this is because this would have to be a pop-up form of some sort and there's just way too much information to collect otherwise. 

So this would work something like this:

  • When composing an email or receiving a new email there would be "Quick add" option in the ellipsis menu
  • Click on the Quick add option
  • Type in the email address and display name (maybe we could pre-populate if there was only one unrecognised email address?)
  • Click Save
  • We refresh the address fields in the screen to show the display name

What do you think Nick?

Yep, a quick add feature sounds good, just email address and display name, and only added as a contact (not a client)