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Saved Views in Planner

Just working intensively in Planner at the moment, moving between services, views, setup etc and thought that a way to save particular setups would be really powerful.

So instead of having to create a view everytime I need to look at something differently I could have saved views and select those instead.

For context, I am currently working on P11ds, Year End & Self Assessment work, with replies coming in thick and fast. I like to use the Planner to update jobs when this info comes in, as I can find work quickly, plan it, add notes etc.

However, each time I need to change the view to show the correct jobs for the 3 different types of services I have going on at the moment.

If I could save a view for YE Work, Self Assessments, and P11ds it would save me having to clear and update filters everytime.


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