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Ability to filter on both job types and date period in client

I would like to see the ability to filter on both the job type and a date period in the client window.

I wanted to edit the dates on all my VAT returns for some clients today and then the dates for sending the accounts to the CA.

I thought i could filter on unplanned jobs then get a set period or date but I ocld not.  the only option I had was either scroll down for the next 9 months in the jobs list or across the next 9 months in he planner to get them edited.

Not the most convenient way.

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[Received from Paul Swinton at Swinton Accountants as well]

  • VAT Deadlines are to the 7th of the month but the dashboard widgets are done as calendar months, this means you need to have two months on your dashboard to ensure everything is seen. Can you adjust these to the 7th?
  • Make the dashboard summaries etc. so that you can click through and see what makes up the numbers
  • Insights – be able to specify “this month” as a filter so you don’t need to edit the insight each month to suit the dates

We definitely plan to add relative dates or periods to all filters so "this month", "this quarter", "next month"....maybe "next x months" etc.

We also need to extend this to widgets as well.