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Standard Folders in Document Portal

Please can I request a feature that allows the structure of folders in the portal to be set up centrally and standardised across all clients.

Under this initial structure we then add additional folders as required for different projects or accounting periods etc

Thanks :)

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Yes, this is something we want to do. Particularly as with the launch of Onboarding we have our first example of special folders i.e. folders that we need to recognise in order to put specific types or categories of files into. In this case, where we put the signed agreements.

This would be something that you set up in Settings and you would likely have to tag special folders. So for example, you may specify the following folder structure:

But we would need to know that you want signed agreements to go into the Letter of Engagement folder.

The big question is what happens if you change the structure...? What should onkho do?

One thing for certain is, we won't know how to move files feedback on that point would be good. It's important to how we might design this.

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Hi Emanur, might be worth having a chat about this to clarify what you are asking, I'm not sure I understand.

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Hi Nick, will come back to you when we plan this one.

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