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Automatic Naming of Jobs

Please can you add an option for Jobs to be automatically named to include the period that the job relates to.

Ideally the job name would be..

"Service Type - Period - Client"


"Annual Accounts - Sep18 - Pavilion Accountancy"



"Qtrly VAT Return - Mar18 - Pavilion Accountancy"

I can go through and update these all manually, but its going to take some time.



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Did you know you can view outstanding jobs and the period they relate to using our powerful DASHBOARD Wigit tool?!

  • Simply create a +wigit on your dashboard and select the standard wigit called Job Status.
  • Then choose your criteria from the drop-down filters
  • Select the status you want to see (i.e. started/ completed/ overdue etc)
  • Choose if you want to see jobs assigned to just you, or all jobs
  • Sort the jobs by choice of client, service or due date (you can sort by planned date instead of due date if available too!)
  • Press Save and you're ready to go!

See how many jobs you have for your bespoke criteria on your dashboard!

Thanks for the reply.

Even with the widget it would still be good to have the service period included in the title of the job, as the due date and planned date may not always provide this information. But I find it useful to see the job period whilst looking through outstanding work.


We are looking at this as part of the foundational work we have to do for Inbox. In order to distinguish between jobs, the period is quite important.

This comes in a number of steps I think, the first of which is for our built in or smart services to include period in the job name e.g. instead of "Annual Accounts for Companies House", the job name should be "Annual Accounts 2017/18". That to me makes sense as something that we should do automatically.

Beyond this, it's about customisation or personal preference. There's a number of places where that becomes e.g. in the planner. You may for example want all jobs to be labelled as "{Service name} {Period} {Client}" as Nick wants or "{Client}" as one of our other customers would like as she only does self-assessments (today!).

We can extend this further into the Insights grid - you may want to set a label for a particular column. That's a bit trickier....

We could even just have a Setting where you define a standard label for a job...i.e. I want my jobs to appear as "{Job name} - {Due Date}" everywhere including the planner.

As you can see, there's a lot of aspects to reconcile here. Would be good to hear feedback before we settle on a way forward.

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Great to hear this is planned.

Personally I would like to see

{Client Name} - {Service} - {Period Date}

This way I can quickly see, who, what and the period it relates to, this is all I need to know to initially plan, schedule and delegate work effectively.

We've taken the first step towards this with Inbox. Job updates will be grouped together as {Job Name} - {Due Date} in the client's activity feed and in the Inbox. The next step is to give you a customisation preference to set what you see in the planner. So not quite there yet, but progress on the back of a major piece of development work :)