After you've created a Client it may become necessary to change their type, perhaps because their circumstances have changed or they were set up incorrectly to start with. Examples of common conversions include:

  • From Sole Trader to Person due to loss of business or retirement
  • From Partnership to Sole Trader due to loss of one or more partners
  • From Partnership to Limited Liability Company for limitation of liabilities

In all cases, you will need to convert the Client to a Contact first and then convert from Contact to your chosen Client type.

To convert a Client to a Contact

Go to the Client's page and click on "Make Contact" - it's under the ellipsis menu on the Client's business card.

Converting a Client to a Contact will stop any Services you have added and delete any Jobs that have not been started

To convert a Contact into a Client

Go to the Contact's page and click on "Make Client" - it's under the ellipsis menu on the Client's business card.

Clicking on "Make Client" will then let you pick the type of Client you want to create:

Check the "Add common services to my new client?" option to get all services set up immediately

You can then review all of the information and how it will be set up and press Save before your Client is set up.

That's your conversion done! If you chose to add common services, then their jobs and services are all ready to go!