Inbox helps you focus on what's important right now. Here's how.

Inbox is very similar to your email software:

  • Inbox tracks conversations. A conversation is a group of one or more related items.
  • A new item is marked as unread. You know there's something new to look at because the unread count alerts you.
  • Once you've read an item, the unread count goes down.
  • You can compose new items and respond to existing items e.g. reply, reply all, forward etc.
  • You can receive, view and add attachments.

Inbox then adds special features to help you keep your conversations organised and focused.

Inbox shows conversations. Conversations can have one or more items e.g. a new email received is a conversation with one item. If that email is replied to then it is now a conversation with two items.

Helping you to stay organised

You can organise conversations by telling the system who the item relates to and/or what it's about:

  • You can save conversations or items to specific contacts or clients irrespective of who created them.
  • You can give conversations a label.


Here are some examples of organising conversations:

  • Save an email from HMRC to the CRM record of the related client.
  • Give an email a label that is more informative than it's subject e.g. change "Quick question" to "Request for copy of accounts".
  • Group together all emails related to a VAT investigation into a conversation and label them as "VAT Investigation Case No 02356556".

Helping you to stay focused on what's important

  • Mark conversations for action and track them through to completion by using the Action status.
  • Assign conversations to team members.
  • Archive conversations so you can focus on ones that need attention.
  • Snooze conversations so that you can focus on ones that need attention.

Here are some examples of staying focused:

  • Mark a conversation for action by a specific team member.
  • Snooze a conversation for a day.
  • Archive all conversations that have their actions completed.
  • Archive all conversations that have no actions needed.

If you archive all conversations that have their actions completed or don't require action, you'll be left only looking at conversations that need attention right now. We help you with this by giving you views and smart filters to use.