If you plan to use email, you need add one or more mailboxes

For email to work, you need to configure at least one working mailbox AND enable email sending and receiving.

You can add multiple mailboxes and all mailboxes will be seen together as one "virtual" mailbox in Inbox.

For each mailbox you add, you need to specify:

The type of mailbox. Mailboxes can be one of two types:

  • Onkho mailbox - your emails will be sent from a mailbox from the onkhomail.com domain e.g. mybusiness@onkhomail.com
  • Your own mailbox - your emails will be sent from you own domain e.g. info@mybusiness.com

How each mailbox is going to be used. Mailboxes can be configured to:

  • Send and receive
  • Send only
  • Receive only

The address to which recipients reply. You may want recipients to use a different address to the one they received the email from.

Examples of configurations that are possible

  • Use an Onkho mailbox to send automated reminders but have replies to reminders sent to my business mailbox.
  • Use one business mailbox for automated reminders but a different business mailbox for everything else.
  • Use a specific mailbox for each service e.g. use payroll@mybusiness.com for payroll reminders and vat@mybusiness.com for VAT reminders.

Contact us if you need help deciding the best configuration for your business.