Inbox replaces your email software but why would you do that?

Inbox is your business' communication hub. 

Inbox matches the most common features of your email software - receiving, sending, handling attachments, tracking read/unread status etc. - and then goes on to do much more:

  • Gives you one "virtual" mailbox covering all your mailboxes, so every team member knows what's going on.
  • Organises your email by automatically saving emails to your clients' CRM record and allowing you to group individual emails into conversations with labels so they make more sense to you and your team.
  • Allows you to apply workflow to email including assigning team members and tracking them to completion.
  • Helps you control email by allowing you to hide email which is no longer important without deleting it. If something new happens, the email will appear again!

Additionally, Inbox is not just for email:

  • It covers all communication irrespective of how it was sent or received, including internal communication i.e. notes. That means that when a team member adds a note to a client's CRM record, it will appear in your Inbox.
  • It integrates with workflow by allowing you to create tasks directly from email and then track those tasks alongside your main workflow.

With onkho, your email and workflow are fully and truly integrated.