Here we create a custom service so we can track all the things that need to be done for each client

Creating a custom service allows you to track the individual steps you need to do for each of your clients who are in scope. By creating generic steps as recommended below, the readiness job can be added multiple times to account for future onboarding requirements for income tax, corporation tax etc.

This is the point you should decide and write down what your process will be for each impacted client. Each step you add should be something that makes sense to track. Here's our suggestion:

  1. Software is MTD-Compliant - ticking this means that software solution has been checked
  2. Authorisation Requested  - ticking this means that authorisation has been requested from the client
  3. Authorisation Received - ticking this means that authorisation has been received
  4. Linked to Agent Services Account - ticking this means that this client is in the list of linked clients seen in the Agent Services Account


  1. Click on "Settings"
  2. Click on "Service Catalogue"
  3. Click on "+Service" from the top right hand corner of the Service Catalogue panel
  4. Set name of the service to be "MTD Readiness"
  5. Update the schedule to be such that jobs are due on the MTD Effective Date (see Step 2 - Create custom attribute MTD Effective Date)
  6. Add the steps you want to have (see our suggestions above)
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Click "Return to Service Catalogue"

If you're interested, there's an animated version of these steps attached to this article.

After this, go on to Step 4 - Add MTD Readiness service to clients.