Understand what a Relationship is..... in onkho!

So, in real life there are Relationships between your Contacts that are important to keep track of. A Relationship is a connection or link between 2 Contacts.

Here are some examples to consider:

  • A Sole Trader who owns a restaurant and is a partner in 2 more. When you speak to the Sole Trader, its worth asking about the health of the other 2 restaurants - especially if you're not providing services to the them. If you were providing services to all 3 restaurants, you may put up with a "difficult" partner at one of them in order to keep the Sole Trader who is connected to all 3 - the domino effect is worth avoiding!

  • A Bank Manager who refers you business. Just how effective are the Bank Manager's referrals? Its worth knowing that in time for Christmas - it could be the difference between sending just a card or adding a bottle of bubbles as encouragement to keep sending you referrals.

  • A Person who is a Director of multiple limited companies. If you're doing this Person's tax return, not only do you need to know this information anyway, it may also be worth offering to do the same for the other Directors that he/she knows. 

In all 3 cases, knowing the Relationships can help you improve the quality of your service, deepen the relationship with a Client and even lead to more business opportunities. 

We don't want you (or your colleagues) to miss out on these opportunities so we allow you to track them in onkho. We even allow you to create multiple Relationships between the same 2 Contacts:

  • A Person can be a Shareholder, Director and Officer of the same Limited Company. You can create all 3 Relationships in onkho.

With onkho, you can track everything about a Contact in one place.

To find out how to set up relationships in your onkho please follow this link :