I need to monitor the outstanding VAT jobs due this month for my member of staff. This is how to set up the Insight and then connect it to your dashboard for monitoring progress in a snapshot view.

Create the VAT Insight

  1. Click on Insights in the menu
  2. Click on Jobs
  3. Click on Go to Insight Builder
  4. Click on Filters 
  5. Click on Add Filter – (You want to add the following filters)
  6. Select Service – is – one of – VAT Returns
  7. Select Status – is not – one of – Completed
  8. Select Due Date – is – between – (choose your applicable dates)
  9. Select Assigned - to - one of - (choose your team member)
  10. Click on Apply
  11. Click on Ellipsis to save the Insight & share with your team



You will now be able to see what VAT jobs are still outstanding for your team member. 

You can also view the Requirements & Steps status of each job. 

Choose what data to display in your Insight

Click on this filter to choose what info to display in your Insight. 


Where you see this intelligent shortcut you can click and see the details of the job, edit the job or edit the status of the job. 


When creating Insights you need to decide on what your question is BEFORE choosing the type of Insight (Job/ Client/ Step etc).

If you are looking to see Job status (EG: PAYE Monthly job completed by 9th of the month?)- choose Jobs Insights.

If you are looking to check Client data that may be missing (EG: Companies missing an authentication code)- choose Clients Insight.

If you are checking the detail of a particular step (EG: Booking in papers)- Choose Steps Insight.


  1. Click on this link to take you to our How to adapt and customise your dashboard article.   


  • If you have questions to ask of your onkho platform and aren't finding the answer using Insights, give our Success team a call using your 'Need Help bar'