To set up outgoing notifications to clients on a basic level using your own domain, please follow the steps below:

Ensure your clients have an email address on their client profile page FIRST!

  • Click on Settings in left hand menu
  • Click on the Client Communications tab
  • Click on "I would like to send emails using my organisation's email"
  • Choose your Service Provider (Gmail/ Office 365 etc). "Custom" is any provider not listed
  • Mail Username = your domain email address (eg:
  • Mail Password = your domain password for that email address
  • Outgoing Mail Protocol (Only needed for CUSTOM service provider) = SMTP/ SMTP (Secure)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (Only needed for CUSTOM service provider) = This is dictated by your domain provider
  • Outgoing Port (Only needed for CUSTOM service provider) = This is dictated by your domain provider
  • Sender = same email address as Mail Username
  • Reply-To address = same as Sender
  • Test Connection  = Wait until your onkho confirms connection. If error occurs, check authentication information and re-test.
  • Send Test Email  = follow instructions in your pop-up
  • Save
  • Enable Outgoing notifications on the settings page for your practice
  • Enable Push notifications for each of your clients on their client's profile page


You're ready to start notifying your clients!


  • Add a footer/ disclaimer to be attached to all notifications to your clients

(Footers & Disclaimers use a standard font and sizing currently)


Responses to notifications will be received to your "reply-to address" as dictated, not within the onkho platform. This is changing soon!

Get ready for our new INBOX feature coming!

If you want to cancel your notifications at any time you need to disable the Outgoing Notifications and Push Notifications tabs in the client and/or your practice pages.