Get a view of how your prospect or client will experience onboarding

Your prospect or client will start their onboarding experience when you send them an agreement for online approval.

They will first receive your agreement email including the link to approve the agreement if you have included it. Only the agreement email will be seen. Terms of business will not be shown unless you specifically included them in the agreement email.

Clicking on the "Sign here" link will take them to the online approval page:

Note that the Accept and Reject buttons will not be enabled until the entire agreement has been scrolled. It will include any terms of business you may have added to the agreement.

After accepting the agreement, your client will be presented with the following thank you page and will now be able to download their agreement:

If there is more than one signatory, your client will receive a final email with a download link for the signed agreement for their records:

You can find an example of the final document attached to this article.