How to create a new agreement

Agreements can be added to prospects and clients only. You cannot add an agreement to a simple contact.

Prospects and clients will have a Terms tab on their page:

Click on the Terms tab to access the onboarding features. If no agreements or fee plans have been created before, this is what you will see and clicking on the ellipsis will display the available onboarding options:

Click on "Add agreement" to launch the agreement builder.

Once the agreement builder is launched, you can enter the details of the email that will go to your prospect or client. 

  • If you have already created a fee plan and want to use that, click on Fee plan at the place where you want it to appear
  • If you want your prospect or client to electronically sign the agreement, click on Sign at the place where you want it to appear
  • You can use a template by clicking Choose Template

Once you are happy with the layout and text of the agreement, press save. You will be presented with the following options:

Now you can add terms of business and signatories. 

When you have completed everything to your satisfaction, preview the agreement to confirm.

You can then send the agreement including the terms of business to the prospect or client for electronic signature.