How to use the Insights Builder to get the answers to your questions

Insights are based on filters that work together to get the answer to the question you want to ask.

By default when you launch the Insight Builder, it will show all the results for the topic you have chosen. So for example, choosing Jobs:

Click on Filters to start adding the criteria that when applied together answer your question. For example, to adding a criteria to find all tax return services:

After building up your filters, click on Apply to see your results.

The top bar of the results give you many options to control what you see as well as export the results:

Available options:

  • Refresh the results
  • Search for something in the results
  • Set how many results to see at a time
  • Clear all existing filters
  • Set which columns to see
  • Print or export to the clipboard, a comma separated file, an excel spreadsheet or a PDF file

Additionally, you can change the order of columns by dragging and dropping them. Just place your mouse pointer and hover over the column you want to drag.