What is onboarding and how does it work in onkho?

Well, we don't think it's just about signing a letter of engagement!

We think its about making sure that you've done everything you need to so you can deliver the service that you've promised to your client. So..

  • Creating a contract between you and your client so you can get paid
  • Keeping the contract valid as things change so you can keep on getting paid
  • Making sure that all the admin things you need to do get done
  • Making sure that all the legal things you need to do get done

Of course, your onboarding process and how it's organised in your business is unique to you. That's why we've decomposed it into specific activities and given you the choice of working with what we have available out of the box or customising it to suit you.

Here are some of the headline activities and how they are represented in onkho:

  • A contract is represented as an Agreement and can be electronically signed
  • Payment terms can be captured separately for Insights as a Fee Plan
  • Terms and conditions of business are represented as Terms of Business and you can have multiple versions stored as Templates
  • Your onboarding process can be represented as a Service that can repeat every few years so that you are renewing information related to anti-money laundering or confirming information like contact details

There are more detailed explanations of some of these terms here.