What is the document portal, where can you find it and how can you use it?

The document portal is cloud storage for your documents, It is organised by client.

You can find the document portal for each client by going to the client's page and clicking on the "Documents" tab.

You can organise the document portal for a client by folders and upload documents into each folder.

You should think carefully about the folder structure and try to be consistent for every client. This will make it easier for other team members to understand how to navigate a client's document portal and where to find particular types of document.

All documents are stored safely and securely in the cloud and cannot be accessed by anyone other than another team member.

You can create, delete, rename and download folders including all of the documents and folders they may contain.

You can upload, delete, rename and download documents.

Additional notes

  • The document portal is for storage only. You must download a document if you want to edit it.
  • The document portal is only accessible to team members. It is not accessible to your clients.