What you can put in folders and what you can do with them

Folder Contents

Folders will contain files as well as other folders. You can create folders within folders as well.

The main client folder is called Home.

Navigating Folders

  • Click on a folder to view the contents of the folder
  • Click on the folder icon to the left of the folder name to see the folders you've viewed
  • Click on a folder in the drop down menu to go back to a folder you've viewed
  • Click on Home to be taken back to the main client folder

Folder Operations

To create a folder click on "+Folder" at the top of the portal.

Clicking on the ellipsis "..." next to a folder allows you to:

  • Delete a folder
  • Rename a folder
  • Download a folder

Additional Information

  • Folders are downloaded as zip files containing all the files in that folder
  • You can download an entire client folder and all of it's contents using the "Select All" box