Editing the Client Page

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Here is all the personal data for the client

  • Jobs Management
  •  Client Manager: Select who will manage this client (no one, team members etc)
  • Service Manager: Select who will manage the services relating to this client
  • Profile Picture: Upload this from your network
  • Person: Enter in personal details   (* means it's mandatory)
  • Limited Company: 

Legal Name:
* means it's mandatory
Trading Name:
Display As:
* means it's mandatory


  • Other Info: [text]


Uses Government Gateway 

Accounting Reference Date

(Companies only)
Last Confirmation Statement Date
(Companies only)

Company House registration Number

(Companies only)
Vat Registration Number

(NOT for persons)
VAT Return schedule

(NOT for persons)
UTR Number

Your Reference



  • Custom Properties: Attributes to add to this company (EG: Bad Debt Letter)
  • Name: [text]
  • Type: [text]

Text will appear in client screen)
EG: Password to be able to discuss business-related queries in absence of Direct

The calendar will appear after 'Save'
Tickbox will appear in postcard client [edit] mode
Yes/No will appear in client screen if checkbox is ticked

  • Position: The position this attribute stands against other attributes (ascending order)
  • Add attribute to all ... [same client types as per the client you are editing]: (tick - cannot be undone)
  • Save

(It will appear as an attribute once saved - can be deleted/ restored if deleted)

  • Address: [text]
  • Telephones: [text]
  • Emails: [text]
  • Websites: [text]
  • Relationships: This is the relationship this client has with another client in your platform

(Custom Relationship * Director * Employee * Officer * Owner * Partner * Shareholder)

  • Enter in non-mandatory details as appropriate
  • FROM* = the client you are editing currently
  • TO* = the client you are putting a relationship with
  • Valid From (not mandatory)
  • Valid To (not mandatory)
  • Save
  • See in Client area - CONNECTIONS - the relationship is now visible