Editing the Client Page

1.  Client Page

2.  Click on •••

3.  Edit

Jobs Management

Client Manager: Select who will manage this client (no one, team members etc)

Profile Picture: Upload this from your network

Type of Client (EG: Limited Company)

4.  Edit client type details: 

Other Info

5. Other Info: Enter additional info not already imported during migration

Custom Properties

6.  Attributes to add to this company (EG: Bad Debt Letter)

  • Name: [text]
  • Type: [text]

Text will appear in client screen)
EG: Password to be able to discuss business-related queries in absence of Direct

The calendar will appear after 'Save'
Tickbox will appear in postcard client [edit] mode
Yes/No will appear in client screen if checkbox is ticked

  • Position: The position this attribute stands against other attributes (ascending order)
  • Add attribute to all ... [same client types as per the client you are editing]: (tick - cannot be undone)
  • Save

(It will appear as an attribute once saved - can be deleted/ restored if deleted)


7.  +Address: Enter text as applicable


8.  +Telephone: Enter text as applicable


9.  Emails: Enter text as applicable


10.  Websites: Enter text as applicable


11.  Relationships: This is the relationship this client has with another client in your platform

(Custom Relationship * Director * Employee * Officer * Owner * Partner * Shareholder)

  • Appointment Date: Date when relationship started
  • Resignation Date: Date when relationship ended
  • From* = the client you are editing currently (Mandatory)
  • To* = the client you are putting a relationship with (Mandatory)
  • Valid From (not mandatory)
  • Valid To (not mandatory)
  • Save

12.  Save Client Page