What is an Insight?

An Insight is the answer to a question that helps you make a decision or take an action.

The question you want answered depends on what you want to achieve or what problem you're trying to solve and the answer could result in a number of different decisions or actions or even further questions.

Here are some examples:

Am I selling all of my Services to all of my existing Clients?I'm going to sell my existing Clients more Services.
Which Job is taking the longest to complete?Is this because of the Team Member or the Client?
Which Contact gives me the most referrals?I'm going to show my top referrer my appreciation to encourage them to put more business my way.

What would you do?

The key to Insights is data and it all needs to be in one place. Otherwise, you'll have to bring it altogether yourself and who has time for that?!?

onkho puts all your data into a business-wide Activity Feed and then harvests it for Insights.

onkho also knows that you know your business better than anyone else, so we allow you to create your own Insights.

With onkho, you get insights you've never had before.