How do I add an existing service to a client?

Before a service can be assigned to a client, it must first be added to your service catalogue. This catalogue represents the portfolio of services that can be offered to your clients.

Getting Started: Your Service Catalogue

You can find your offered services by navigating to the 'Settings' link in the menu on the left-hand-side and then selecting the 'Service Catalogue' tab of your practice.

Note: When you created your onkho account, we automatically added commonly offered services to your service catalogue.

Feel free to remove any services that are not applicable to your practice. Similarly, feel free to define any bespoke service that your practice offers - we'll cover that in another tutorial.

Your service catalogue may look something like this:

You can assigning services from your catalogue to your clients. Let's do that now!

Assigning services to clients

Adding a service to a client can be achieved by finding your client and navigating to their 'Services' tab. From there click on the '+Service' link where you'll be presented with a dialog from which you can select an applicable service from your service catalogue that we saw above. It is at this point you'll be prompted to provide any additional information required for scheduling your service.

Note: You may find that your clients already have services added! When adding or importing a client you can choose to automatically add common services to that client. Onkho determines the appropriate services to add depending on the type of client that you are adding. For example, for a limited company we will schedule their annual accounts, confirmation statements and tax returns. For a person, we will schedule their tax returns, etc...

At this point it is also possible to further customise your service and to tailor it to your client. Feel free to personalise the default service messages or to add a more meaningful name to the jobs that will be created as part of the service.

Onkho's smart planner takes care of the rest by automatically scheduling your jobs when the service is added to a client, and if you've assigned a client manager then they'll automatically be assigned these jobs. Learn more about the planner by reading this article.