What types of client are supported by Onkho?

It's very important that when you create a Client, that you choose the right type. That's because your choice will influence the fields or data that you can fill out and what services can be offered. So, for example you wouldn't be able to add a service for 'Confirmation Statements' to a Sole Trader or 'Personal Tax Returns' to a Limited Company etc..

The types of Client supported by onkho are split into 2 categories - those that require registration at Companies House and those that do not.

Not Registered at Companies House

  • Person
  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Association
  • Organisation

Registered at Companies House

  • Limited Liability Company, LTD
  • Limited Liability Partnership, LLP
  • Limited Partnership, LP

You can choose the type of client that you wish to add as part of your import, or if you add your client manually.