What's the feed? How does it work and why is it important?

The Activity Feed is a social feed (think Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) related to a Contact or Client. Think of it as a diary of your interactions with a Contact or Client.

Here are some practical examples of what you might find:

  • Emails sent or received.

  • Internal notes about meetings or telephone calls.

  • Tidbits of information collected over time.

Here's what a typical Activity Feed looks like:

The Activity Feed makes running your business and managing your team easier because it's visible to everyone. No more forwarding of emails, sticky notes left on desks or shouting across the office!

Remember the last time a Client asked for a copy of their accounts from last year by email? How did you manage that? Well, if that email had hit the Activity Feed you could have immediately created a job from it and seen the Client's request in the same place as the rest of your work.

With onkho, everyone in your team knows what's going on, all of the time.