Where can I get help?

Find articles and tutorials for what you're trying to achieve, or call / email / chat to us using the 'Need Help' bar at the bottom of every page...


Click on the "?" in the 'Need Help' bar to get access to articles and videos relating to the page that you're on:

We try and show you tutorials that are relevant to the page that you're looking at so do try to look here first. We keep tutorials updated and add new ones all the time so feel free to let us know if you think something is missing.

How to get to here?

Solutions to problems and documentation on the platform and how to get things done are available....well, here! 

At the top-right-hand-side of each page you'll find an 'onkho' logo that when clicked will reveal a menu that looks like:

Amongst other things, you can reach this support portal. Feel free to bookmark these pages. The web address is: https://success.onkho.com

Chat to us!

We love talking to our customers, because it helps us learn about the way you use the platform, ultimately allowing us to improve every day!

We're always available on chat during business hours, and sometimes even after!

You can get in touch with a Customer Success agent straight away and if one isn't available, you can always leave a message and someone will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Call us!

We get that sometimes you really just want to talk to a human being, and we love that too!

Get in touch with us during our business hours on:

01634 540092

This number is also available on the platform from the 'Need Help' bar at the bottom of each page, and on each of our support pages.

If you have to leave a message, don't forget to leave your name, telephone number and details of what you need help with!

Email us!

Sometimes you just can't beat good old email. You're always welcome to email us and we strive to respond to all emails as we would any other way - and that's as soon as straight away!

Get in touch with us any time on:


We're looking forward to talking to you!